600 years ago, Zheng He the great voyager from China’s Ming Dynasty brought the Chinese customs and immigrants to Malacca and this lay the foundation of inter-marriage and a mix of Chinese and local cultural traits; which is known later as the "Nyonya-Baba” culture.
The China Emperor of Ming Dynasty betrothed Princess Han LiBao to the King of Malacca; Sultan Mansur Shah and the Sultan was amazed by the beauty of soft, silky, bright and translucent skin of the Chinese Princess. The skin beauty of aristocratic women at that time was made possible by the use of plants, flowers and fruit fragrance. This tradition of using plant extracts for skin care and spices has continued until 600 years later today by Nyonya to maintain healthy, firm and supple skin .

Following this tradition, YeawKay company looked into the plant functions from all parts with inputs from Japan and European scientific research Institute to develop the advanced Plant Cell Serum. The Plant Cell Serum promotes the turnover of skin cells, improve skin microcirculation, maintain skin balance & vitality and extend cell life of self regeneration - to give more direct, secured and efficient cares to various types of skin. Yeawkay Company’s Biobenefity(碧馥姿)product series always leverage the concept of “modern technology to restore the magical power of nature” to bring natural solution for women's effective skin care. 


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