Yeawkay company is located in the tropical rainforest areas in South-East Asia. It was established in 2002, with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. The Company’s core business involves development and marketing of natural cosmetic products, and associated personal care products and health food. The company cosmetic products are made from ingredients of natural plant extractions based on plant cell extraction technology of Japan, Europe, United States. The Company has a first-class team and very high quality products to meet various demands by the customers in their pursuit of long term businesses. The development of cosmetics formulations, selection of ingredients, testing of product efficacy and safety strictly follow the relevant country quality management standards making sure the technology and process employed are professional, systematic, standardized and integrated.

Company’s high quality products, coupled with high quality services and company image for the past 12 years has helped to establish a stable brand recognition in the eyes of its consumers.

  • 2002 – started cooperation with Japanese partners on development of cosmetics business
  • 2003 – began natural cosmetics and food from plant extracts
  • 2004 – applied plant extracts ingredients to acne products
  • 2005 – created natural facial cleansing foam
  • 2006 – began clinical test for plant cell serum
  • 2008 – educated farmers in poorer areas to grow crops in a traditional manner and purchase their products at reasonable prices to enable them to maintain stable income
  • 2009 – introduced health food products
  • 2010 – introduced cell serum products in South East Asia market
  • 2012 – studied the China market
  • 2013 – Biobenefity Mandarinclear ingredients received innovative cosmetics product award in Paris exhibition
  • 2013 – Established subsidiary company Shanghai YeawKay Ltd . Co. in China
High Content Concentration

The product uses traditional plant extracts and the content of active ingredient is very high.
Therefore, it can quickly provides the care most needed by the skin and restores the skin to its best condition in a short period of time.

The natural plant extract liquid does not contain other substances. There is no flavours, dyes, mineral oils or preservatives added that might be harmful to the skin. Because of pure plant extracts, the product is safe to use without burden to the skin.

There are different types of products to improve different skin problems; all with high concentrations of ingredients to effectively and directly maintain the skin conditions.