Whilst modern science and technology provide comfort and convenience to improve the quality of people’s daily lives, it also brought pollutions and causing unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and poor diet which burden the body’s metabolism function. Additionally, the increasing amount of complex social activities could further exert various types of pressures onto our body’s immune response function and could cause allergic reactions. At present, the population affected by skin allergies continues to increase each year.

There are also many people complaining their skin defensive system are weakening, for example having dry skin or skin irritation. Relevant researches have indicated that unsuitable cosmetics product may impair the skin’s defense capabilities but using the right skin care products can address the skin’s weak defense function. On the other hand, in response to the concern over safety of chemical and synthetic products, natural products is increasingly popular; especially for products with cell serum from plant sources where its benefit and value is widely recognized.

For the aforesaid reasons, a new type of skin care serum - Biobenefity Cell Serum is developed. This serum will promote skin regeneration, maintain cell vitality, balance skin substances, providing more direct, secure and effective care for different types of skin.

  • Cell Serum

    Cell Serum
    Functions and benefits
    ALPROTECTOR Ingredients from four kinds of plant extracts to improve skin’s anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic defence
    OUGON Liquid B
    Reduce fine lines, provide anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, immune activation, protection against UV rays; prevent over-synthesis of melanin and prevent skin damage by environmental pollutants.
    JIOU Liquid B
    Improves blood circulations, improving the appearance of dull skin tone and dark circles under the eyes and inhibits androgen.
    Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, repair dry cuticles, firm and lift the skin, promotes cellular respiration; whitening and anti-aging effects; skin looks younger and fresher.
    Moisturises and firming the skin to be suppler; provides anti-oxidant and cell activation effects, prevent over-synthesis of melanin, promoting collagen synthesis to keep skin firm and supple.
    Smooth skin and reduces pores, improves skin suppleness, provide whitening effects and prevents pigment settling.
    With the functions of sterilization, soften cuticles, avoid clogging pores, prevent acne formation, improve skin and reducing formation of melanin.
    Moisturise and soften cuticle, improve skin suppleness; provide anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, whitening effects; protect skin collagen and reduces fine lines.
    VC Derivant
    Promote generation of collagen, reduce dull skin, wrinkles, pores and other skin problems. Effective dilute the look of spots, fine lines; brighten up the skin and improve skin smoothness and suppleness.
    Orange Blossom
    Effectively stimulate inactive cells, adjust metabolism level, provide anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, blood circulations and skin cleansing effects.
    AMCID 21
    This product combines 21 types of amino acids to provide positive skin’s anti-aging and firming effects.
    Yeast Solution
    It helps the skin to maintain appropriate level of moisture, skin elasticity, reduce unwanted skin pigmentation and dark spots, promote metabolism and blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and soothe the skin after sun exposure.
    Reduce effect of aging skin, promote collagen synthesis, increase oxygen for cell, protect mitochondrial DNA, promote cell renewal and cell vitality.
    Essence Dew
    This product contains Formula to deeply moisturize the skin and is suitable for all types of skin. It contains antioxidant ingredients to make the face looks smooth, elastic and deeply moisturized.
  • Skin Repair

    Skin Repair
    Functions and benefits
    Biobenefity Skin Repair Toning Lotion
    This high performance lotion immediately add large amount of moisture for the skin and allows the skin to quickly absorb maximum amount of nutrients.
    Biobenefity Stempower Essence
    Repair skin texture, enhance moisture for cuticles, improve skin elasticity and firming, reduce wrinkles; provide nutrition to skin, prevent melanin formation. It effectively tighten the skin, delaying skin aging, provide multi-directional whitening effects and make the skin looks softer, delicate and radiant.
    Biobenefity Ecologique Emulsion
    Reduce signs of skin aging from all level, promote skin regeneration, moisturize the skin fully.
  • MandarinClear

    Functions and benefits
    Biobenefity Mandarinclear Lotion
    This brightening lotion (Mandarinclear) is from the product series that won an award in innovative product category during the 2013 In-Cosmetics cosmetics exhibition in Paris. This lotion makes the skin looks full with energy, improved skin colour and brighter. It is rich in amino acids and can enhance healthy renewal and regeneration of cuticles. Constant use of the product helps to repair damaged cells, add conditioning and nourishing effects, stimulates skin's metabolism and adjust skin’s moisture content to make the skin looks soft ad clear.
    Biobenefity Mandarinclear Essence
    This brightening essence (Mandarinclear) is from the product series that won an award in innovative product category during the 2013 In-Cosmetics cosmetics exhibition in Paris. It increases stratum corneum flexibility; allow the cells to maintain tension to make it more smooth and translucent. After constant use for more than 28 days, the skin will looks more moisturized, translucent and natured colour.
    Biobenefity Mandarinclear Emulsion
    This brightening essence (Mandarinclear) is from the product series that won an award in innovative product category during the 2013 In-Cosmetics cosmetics exhibition in Paris. It provides the real-time nourishing effect to skin cell and immediately lift the skin, and makes the skin from inside out looks moisturized , smooth, bright, clear, translucent and lessen fine lines and wrinkles. It posses light response elements and can increase the durability of cosmetics.
  • CurePassion

    Functions and benefits
    Biobenefity Curepassion Lotion
    This product basically cleans the skin and restores skin health. The effect of UV rays, pollutions and other external stimulants and a variety of the body's internal issues can make the skin faces many problems. This product will contain, remove and restore the skin to create a clear and translucent less look. The concentrated essence in this product can effectively prevent skin damage by harmful substances and restore healthy skin function.
    Biobenefity Curepassion Essence
    This product provides deep detoxification functions to clean out toxins accumulated over the years, enhanced lymphatic system features, remove excessive water, promote formation of lymphatic endothelial cell lumen, improve skin brightness, reduce wrinkle depth, reduce the chances of premature wrinkles. Its effect penetrate deeply to improve the quality of the skin, making skin looks smooth, shiny and firm.
    Biobenefity Curepassion Emulsion
    Enhance breathing for skin, increase skin’s oxygen levels, reduce skin toxins, accelerate lymph and blood circulatory system, promotes lymphatic endothelial cell formation, reduce swelling impact to make face look smaller, improve skin brightness, reduce wrinkle depth. Its multiple moisturizing factors moisturize the skin, keep the skin supple and elastic.
    Biobenefity Curepassion M Emulsion
    This product helps to remove metabolism waste; promote lymphatic endothelial cell proliferation; clean up dirt, grease and facial aging skin pores to make the skin becomes smooth. It promotes lymphatic and blood circulation system, activate newborn cells and improves skin complexion to delay skin aging effect.
  • Acne

    Functions and benefits
    Biobenefity Acne Lotion
    With enriched active ingredients, the lotion can quickly treat acne beside serving as firming lotion. When it is applied on the acne affected area, it can control the breed of acne, tighten pores and reduce bacterial invasions.
    Biobenefity Acne Serum
    Actively relieve acne inflammation and restrain acne breeding, Containing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, it will smooth the rough skin caused by inflammation and strengthen acne prevention capacities.
    Biobenefity Acne Emulsion
    It is easily absorbed by skin; it reduces redness caused by pimples and help to strengthen the skin's defense against irritants and bacteria that causes the breeding of acne. Its double moisturizing effect will form a protective layer on the skin surface to prevent sebum oxidation; reduce formation of pimples and make the skin looks smooth.
    Biobenefity Facial Cleansing Toner
    Ingredients from natural plants extract, this products helps to relieve inflamed skin caused by acne; reduces existing acne marks, and provide controls against potential acne problems. The toner is soft and non-irritating so it is suitable for use for sensitive skin affected by acne.
    Biobenefity Acne Ice Dew
    This product help to diminish inflammation, provides soothing & calming effects, and can be used as a coat to adjust protease
  • Facial Mask

    Facial Mask
    Functions and benefits
    Biobenefity Distinctive Complete Care Facial Mask
    Biobenefity products utilise Japanese top bio-engineering technology and ingredient formulations to offer a series of enhancing elements to vitalise and moisturise the skin; with excellent effects to stimulate skin’s elasticity and smoothness, reducing wrinkles and providing healthy glow.
    Biobenefity Total Repair & Moisturing Mask
    This product utilises Japanese top bio-engineering technology and ingredient formulations to provide total repair & moisturising care to skin problem due to long-time usage of improper cosmetics products; such as skin dryness, irritation, swelling, allergies, peeling and other skin problems. This product will help the skin to restore and improve its health and defence functions.
  • Live-Balance

    Functions and benefits
    Biobenefity Live-Balanced Purity Toner
    Control oil secretion and absorb excessive oil, reduce bacterial infections, and promote skin metabolism, reduce blocked pores, making the skin looks healthy,fresh and not oily. It helps to repair acne marks; control existing and potential acne skin problems.
    Biobenefity Live-Balanced Firming Toner
    Gently adjust skin texture, balance oil secretion, prevent inflammation. It adjusts the pH of the skin, leaving the skin looks fully moisturised, perfectly clear, healthy and lustering. The product not only clean the cuticle skin surface but also clean pores deep inside and help to remove blackheads and acne. The skin looks balanced tone, firm , recharged and luminous.
    Biobenefity Live-Balanced Essence Milk
    It can penetrate the skin quickly to balance the skin’s moisture levels and control oil secretion, rapidly reduces acne pimples, repairs past acne marks, improves existing acne condition, prevents the breeding and spread of bacteria. Leaving skin to look smooth, delicate, radiant.
  • Facial Cleansing

    Facial Cleansing
    Functions and benefits
    Biobenefity Cleansing Foam
    A soft, silky and full cleansing foam make from natural ingredients without additives. The form is very effective in cleansing and removing dirt clogged in the pores, and keeping the skin conditioned. After cleansing, the skin looks smooth, nourished, not tight; with improved vitality and elasticity.
    Biobenefity Facial Cleansing Oil
    This product maintains skin balance and removes impurities and pore dirt. With ingredient from natural plant substance without additives, it perfectly moisturizes the skin and gently soothing sensitive skin. It quick emulsifying effect will effectively remove all makeup residue and keep the skin looks clean, firm, delicate after use.
    Biobenefity Facial Reconditioning Cleansing Oil
    This product provides the ultimate cleansing efficacy, with natural plant ingredients; keeping the skin looks plump and elastic, improve skin’s protective function. It is a thorough cosmetic remover which soothe the skin to maintain balanced moisture, and help to vitalize tired skin to look smooth and delicate.