1. Partners Qualifications:
    • Owners of beauty salon business outlet operation with good business reputation; a great team of dedicated sales & service personnel; a clear vision on how to operate with end customers; a good network in the industry
    • Parties without experiences in beauty salon business outlet operation should posses clear business ideas, good business development skills and great sense of customer services.
  2. Company provide following support to the qualified Partners:
    • Training and guidance;
    • Regional and local activities (e.g. trade fairs, salon outlet associations, product training sessions);
    • Monthly & quarterly product and service marketing and promotion programs;
    • Attractive monetary and products reward for sales target achievements;
    • Free gifts for each qualified purchase order up to ratio of 1:2;
    • Free delivery to partner's outlet
  3. Publiciy Support:
    • Company has an international website (www.yeawkay.com) promoting the brand and products for all partners
    • Company also participates in marketing, branding and promotion in cosmetic magazines and media in China‎